Thursday, July 26, 2012

Kiss, kiss.

I have just done something very out of character. I did it, and immediately felt embarrassed, vulnerable, scared, yet exhilarated...

I ended a text with a kiss. (I do not do this sort of shit lightly; only very, very, very close friends and family  get an x from me.) To be fair, he started it. And I responded in kind. Possibly reading waaaay to much into things, I have decided that this has moved our relationship on to a whole new level.

So, yes. Given that I am getting all overwrought about text etiquette, you may have guesssed that, after all, we didn't spend Sunday afternoon rutting like wild beasts.

We went to the beach near where he lives. This is a spectacularly good idea for a first date-type thing, what with the 85% nakedness and all that. He is in not bad shape for an auld fella. I do not yet know what impression Me In Bikini made on him...

I like him. We have plenty in common, but also differences as well. Chief among these being the fact that he lives in the sticks and has been in the same small town for years and years. Walking around, he knows everybody - in the bars, on the beach, in the restaurants. My presence, he assured me, would be causing comment. I, on the other hand, move home every couple of years and love the anonymity and bustle and unfriendliness of the big city. I want my neighbourhood service providers to be staffed by an ever-changing retinue of uncaring young uns who not even recognise me, never mind give a shit about what's going on with my life.

Anyhow, his insistance on living bloody miles away meant for a bit of fannying around checking schedules, and then me leaving early for the journey back to town. And an awkward, sober(ish) peck on the cheek.. no the lips, oh, what are we doing, is this like a social kiss or are we nearly have an actual kiss? let's try that again properly, shit, we're blocking the queue, better go, bye... Like I said, awkward.

So, between all that, and the dramatic racheting up of the old text language, I think it's probably safe to say that I am On A Promise.

Bit of a shame that he's just fucked off on holiday for a month then, eh?


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