Sunday, October 15, 2006

moan moan moan

I know that the whole point of this blog is a celebration of Being Single.

And I do love being single.


It’s just that I’ve been single for so fucking long now. It is two years since I had a relationship that lasted even a couple of months. And the previous one was two or three years before that. And I didn’t even like either of them that much.

I’d like to have someone to go out with - to the pub and to restaurants. And to the cinema and theatre. And to gigs. And to Do Stuff with. And I’d like to have sex again before I completely forget what to do.

Plus, extremely stressful Family Shit is going on in the background, and I know I’m ferociously independent, but I think I’ve just about reached a point where I could handle someone being nice to me for a change.

(Disclaimer: I wrote this post one Sunday night a few weeks ago, after an especially stressful weekend. It’s pretty uncharacteristic, but hey, we have no secrets here, eh?)


  • Just because you don't NEED anyone to take care of you doesn't make it wrong to WANT someone to take care of you once in a while.

    Something I'm coming to grips with myself.

    By Blogger Chaucer's Bitch, at 9:12 PM  

  • Just spent twenty mins writing and rewrite a comment. Got nowhere with it. I can't say what i wanted to:- "something uplifting". Instead - i agree. Sounds like you're going through a bad spell and ive some sympathy (and empathy) with it. You just need someone whose job it is to keep whispering in your ear that this will all pass. It *must* do, hey?

    By Blogger the whales, at 10:37 PM  

  • Just have a read of:


    Murphy's Introduction Service

    By Blogger The Murphmeister, at 10:03 AM  

  • i'm finally delurking to say: 'i hear you, sister'

    being single is great.. and crap... then again, some relationships are crap too.... Hmmm.. but sex? what's that? ;-)

    By Blogger Susannah, at 11:26 AM  

  • What an honest post. Hope the family strife resolves itself soon.

    By Blogger Alias Lucy Diamond, at 11:49 AM  

  • I know so many lonely people. I should invite them all to a party and lock them in to see if anything happens. I got lucky but I'm sure that's all it is, luck. If it's any help I think you're more likely to find someone when you stop looking.

    By Blogger realdoc, at 2:12 PM  

  • I was in that situation myself, for most of my twenties, save for a couple of three month relationships at 28 and 29.

    I've now been in my current relationship for 6 years, which seems like a lifetime, but I can remember feeling exactly how you felt, especially the 'no-one to go on holiday with'.

    Sometimes I miss the single life, I miss my friends, with whom I used to do single things, I miss being able to curl up in bed with a good book.

    I remember all too well the feeling of why is everybody else in a wonderful happy hands-holding relationship and I'm destined to be single for ever.

    And after 6 years I wonder why I'm not in, or even tempted by/avoiding an adulterous relationship.

    By Anonymous Gert, at 4:07 PM  

  • My sympathies on the family side, hope it's something that can be resolved, and that you've got people to help you out with it.

    Not sure what to suggest on the relationship side, except to say that it's not unheard of to meet someone through the actual medium of blogging :-)

    Plus you are lovely and anyone would be extreme fortunate to go out with you.

    By Anonymous patroclus, at 4:09 PM  

  • That's a lovely thing to say Petroclus, and it's entirely true.

    By Blogger looby, at 5:08 PM  

  • listen to patroclus.

    By Blogger First Nations, at 5:33 PM  

  • Yes, listen to what I say, except for the bit where the smiley cut in half and I wrote 'extreme' instead of 'extremely' - doh.

    By Anonymous patroclus, at 5:58 PM  

  • based on the way you write, I'd go out with you. Not much of a consolation, as I'm on a different continent and not much of a catch, but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only boy who's thought that recently.

    By Anonymous riddledwiththepox, at 7:35 PM  

  • I'd go out with you but I'm taken. You'll have to live with that, I'm afraid. Sorry, not much help.

    By Blogger Wyndham, at 9:16 PM  

  • It's horrible to not feel 'cared for' and to wish things were different - I was only thinking that today and feeling a bit miserable about it. I sympathise - but Realdoc is right - when you are not 'looking' they all seem to come out of the woodwork when you least expect and when you are on a mission it feels like an uphill battle on a steep sticky mountain.

    When I was single I used to have some really hard days but even now I'm in a relationship rather sadly I still feel some of the same things like I wish I had someone who liked the same books as me or even liked reading for that matter! Or someone I could discuss such and such with - I'm sort of at the other end of the scale - in a relationship but might as well be single! Anyway - communal moan over. You are great - it's just that the other half hasn't surfaced yet! Take care

    By Blogger rockmother, at 7:53 PM  

  • Hello everyone,

    cheers for being so nice.

    Hello Susannah - welcome.

    Hello Riddled - I was just thinking about you at 10 past six this morning.

    Hello Murph - I went to that site but the first post is too long for me to handle after tea-time.

    aaaaanyhow - as y'all know, I'm not *looking* for someone. But I do have the very occasional weak moment.

    By Blogger Spinsterella, at 9:01 PM  

  • Its a funny old life and funny how things can change in seconds - you need a treat.

    By Anonymous ed, at 9:02 PM  

  • It was the previous post I thought might give you a smile...


    By Blogger The Murphmeister, at 10:31 PM  

  • I'll go out with you

    By Blogger GreatSheElephant, at 7:30 PM  

  • yes yes yes. that is the solution. all in favor of GSE and spin hooking up say "aye"!

    By Blogger Chaucer's Bitch, at 9:02 PM  

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