Monday, August 07, 2006

Spinsterella Chills

I quite fancy that bloke out of Sparks.

No, not that one. The other one. The one without the weird 'tache.

(I think I possibly had a wee bit too much Red Stripe at the Big Chill.)


  • Fucking hell! You drank booze at the Big Chill? I thought on the annual 'Islington Visits the Countryside' outing you were only allowed to drink organic fair-trade wheatgrass juice.

    By Blogger LC, at 10:58 PM  

  • Has the bloke without the tache off of out of that Sparks still got a dodgy perm?

    By Blogger Tim Footman, at 2:09 AM  

  • The bloke off Sparks who isn't the bloke with the tache looks a bit like Shirley Temple. Or he used to.

    By Blogger Billy, at 8:21 AM  

  • Did they do "How are you getting home"? One of my fave songs. I used to have it on a (you probably won't remember these Spin) cassette and I always wanted My Pub Band to cover it - if the Big Chill drove you to drink, I dread to think what effect My Pub Band would have had Spinny. You'd have been in with the bassist, mind. (Well, everyone else was...randy old goat that he was/is...) I'll dig out his number if you like (and don't mind sharing him...)

    wrod vrecif: tkunsm. I see the Thai lessons are starting to pay off Spinster...

    By Blogger Robert A. Swipe, at 10:38 AM  

  • Well...I quite like the one with 'tache. He's ace. I'll have him and you can t'other one.

    This town ain't big enough for the Both. Of. Us.

    Well...it is actually.

    By Blogger Molly Bloom, at 11:50 AM  

  • The b-side to 'This town...' was Barbecutie - save that for your next pub quiz. Great track. I used to like the curly haired one when I saw him on top of The Pops for the first time in the early 70's. He was wearing a white jacket with rolled-up sleeves. Wow - must have been the inspiration for Miami Vice wardrobe come to think of it. I'm not sure I would fancy him now.

    By Blogger rockmother, at 12:27 PM  

  • I'm afraid fancying the other one out of Sparks is only allowed when he is played by
    Julian Rhynd-Tutt

    By Blogger Loganoc, at 2:30 PM  

  • No, he doesn't have a permed mullet any more. These days he's like an older version of the singer out of Mercury Rev. (I fancy him too.)

    And Bob, I'm from the cassette generation. I only bought my first CD player a couple of years ago, just as the rest of the world discovered MP3 players.

    I have no idea what songs they played after the first hour or so. Not only was I drinking beer, I was drinking free beer. All the sweeter...

    By Blogger Spinsterella, at 5:13 PM  

  • They do a reet canny version of I want to hold your hand as well - really OTT, Philly soul sound. Fabulous stuff.

    So tell us more about the free booze Spin - sounds like professional ligger not Spinster behaviour to me. I think there's something you're not telling us here....come on - it's the bass player, isn't it?

    By Blogger Robert A. Swipe, at 12:01 PM  

  • Professional ligger is right Bob, but it wasn't me. My mate Tom is a shameless blagger, but when he only managed to score one free ticket he didn't want to go by himself.

    So he gave the ticket to me as I don't give that much of a fuck about being alone. Obviously.

    By Blogger Spinsterella, at 5:56 PM  

  • Through your suffering Spin, we are healed...

    By Blogger Robert A. Swipe, at 8:02 PM  

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