Thursday, October 06, 2005


Once upon a time, I got checked out by a rock star. It was at a Puressence gig in Manchester in about 1996. On the way out I spotted Mani, legendary Stone Roses and Primal Scream bass maestro, leaning up against the bar. As I walked past, he looked me up and down in such a lacivious manner that I didn't know where to look. Then, once he'd gotten me suitably rattled, he gave me a huge grin.

Cheeky fucker.

Bet he's great in the sack.

Well, I was a lot younger, prettier, and more buxom back in those days. I don't get checked out by rock gods quite so often these days. But as I walked to work this morning the bin-man shouted "hey baby hey baby" across the street at me. I guess I've still got it....


  • Don't you love those days? I can't remember the last time I got the lookover like that. Does a 16 year old count?

    Damn, I REALLY can't remember.

    By Blogger yezenia, at 12:29 PM  

  • I got checked out by ex-Roxy Music legend Brian Eno once...

    Mind you, I did look like THIS, at the time.

    Still, I'm glad nothing happened now he's turned into a TORY!

    By Blogger Robert A. Swipe, at 12:33 PM  

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