Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Brians (and other turn-offs)

Brians - this is what a friend of mine calls excessive nose hair, in honour of her brother-in-law Brian, who is, um, nasally hirsute. Brians are kind of hypnotic as well, you can't help looking at them with a kind of horrible fascination.

I don't really need to explain that Brians are not acceptable on any man I might consider dating...

Other non-starters:

Long fingernails
Manky teeth
Smooth chests
Hairy backs
Flash cars

I don't think this is overly fussy?

Oh, I forgot to say chewing gum. I fuckin' hate chewing gum


  • lol @ "you can't help looking at them with a kind of horrible fascination." So so true!

    I'm with you on the list....particularly manky teeth or hairy backs. ick ick ick.

    By Blogger little sister, at 6:06 PM  

  • I think fat is a bit harsh. Although this maybe because I'm not the most svelte person in the world myself. And all men turn fat once you start living with them anyway, so you might as well get used to it.

    By Blogger Bex, at 12:38 PM  

  • yeah, but women are supposed to have tits'n'arse...

    I'm a bit of a fascist, I'll admit, I like 'em lean.

    Mind you, given that it's been some time since I managed to date anyone for longer than five minutes, I don't reckon that I need to worry about the moving in thing.

    By Blogger Spinsterella, at 2:13 PM  

  • This is really funny. I used to be leary of men who owned their own hairdryers. They look in the mirror too much. The nose hair guys tho', they need to look and perhaps even go for an eye exam. eeek.

    By Anonymous susan, at 10:12 PM  

  • Yeah - hairdriers - how could I have missed out on that one!

    Any sort of excessive personal grooming in a man is a bit, well, suspect...

    By Blogger Spinsterella, at 12:46 PM  

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