Tuesday, August 09, 2005

maybe it's his sister...

Saw my Glastonbury friend on Sunday. Still like him.

He is a stupendous shag. He reckons that we are "sexually compatible", ooh, that must mean that I am fantastic in the sack as well. Oh, and it's not just carnal you know, we were up til 5am chatting as well. And my old and very good friend Steve also met him and liked him...

I'll be back in London in September but that's another month away...so I told him yesterday, "I'm free pretty much every weekend now". Playing hard-to-get? Life's too short.

One slight issue bugging me at this stage. He has about 6 pictures on his walls of the same girl, clearly his ex. Now I could understand if they were there historically, but he's only been in the flat for a couple of months. Hmmm, does he not want to meet new women??? Yes, she is pretty. Hmph.

(Getting all paranoid and possessive about a guy who is barely a casual shagpiece? Pull yourself together woman)

On another subject, I was thinking about doing another post about my ex, but I have just got some many stories about the selfish twat that it's going to have to become a regular feature...


  • A *stupendous* shag! right on!

    lol @ 'barely a casual shagpiece' and 'pull yourself together woman'!

    you da shiznit, sista spinsta :D

    By Blogger little sister, at 6:43 PM  

  • Oooooooooo, haven't read this for a while and you've been up to all kinds of shenanigans.

    By Blogger Miss Meep, at 3:47 PM  

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