Saturday, August 06, 2005

Glasto guy update (part 3)

So I was just getting the hang of the one-text-per-week level of contact, when he phoned me on Sunday. I thought conversation would be a bit weird as we hadn't actually spoken for weeks, but it was great. He finished off by saying he'd call me Wednesday....

Did he bollocks...

Even though I had already texted him that day cos my friend has a free ticket to this thing we're going to on Sunday

So I was officially pissed off. Then I got a phone call from him at 3:30 on Friday morning, begging me to come and see him on the Friday. Hmmm. While I'm quite pleased that he was thinking of me in his drunken state, a girl needs slightly more notice... He can wait till Sunday.

(I am still quite excited though)


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