Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Psychotic, moi?

We were in a bar on Saturday night having a few drinks when I spotted the name of the girl he was texting over his shoulder...

"Why are you texting your ex-girlfriend?"

He wasn't. It was just a friend who happens to have the same name. But, as it turns out, he does still have his ex's phone number in his mobile. Or at least he did, cos he deleted it there and then in front of me. Ha!

I didn't force him to do it though, or even encourage him.


Oh, the old ex-girlfriend thing. Even though I'm a grown-up these days (sort-of) and I know a man is going to have a certain amount of baggage, it's always a bit difficult to listen to a man you are romancing chat about his ex. Especially when he says things like:

"she's really stunning"


"I fell completely head-over-heels for her as soon as we met"



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