Saturday, July 02, 2005

The drama, the drama, I can hardly stand it

Well, Mr. Lost Vagueness certainly knows how to put a girl through a rollercoaster ride of fucked-up emotional shit in a very short space of time...


07:00 awoke to nice texts he drunkenly sent me the night before...lovely, lovely, can't wait...

15:00 hmmm, wonder has he got his bus ticket yet?

21:30 What the fuck is going on - has he gone under a bus? How can he be 'really looking forward to Friday' last night, then totally disappear? I'm really rather upset...

22:00 Text message, he left his phone in a bar last night, is still coming. Phew.


08:00 Frantic tidying of house and self in preparation for shagtastic weekend

12:00 Oh for fuck's sake, where has he gone now??

14:00 He just called, he's been dramatically underpaid, has no money, I'm not sure what's happening now. Brilliant.

15:00 Thank fuck for that - he's got his bus ticket, he just has to get to Victoria, and we're off....

Good Angel says "He's not exactly Mr Reliable though, is he?"
Bad Angel riposte "Oh fuck away off, I'm hardly looking for a nice safe pipe'n'slippers sort of guy"

(The Bad Angel will always win.....)


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