Monday, June 27, 2005

Spinster goes to Glastonbury

So, how many foxy men did I see wandering round in Glastonbury? Oh, hundreds and hundreds. And how many did I actually talk to? Well, just the one...

Turns out it's quite easy really, especially in the completely manic surrounds of Lost Vagueness. When you're wearing a full-on wedding dress, complete with very muddy trainers, all sense of decorum has long gone out the window.

But what a spectacularly good choice. After an evening of extremely high-calibre kissing, surrounded by people wearing ballgowns and tuxes and wellies, he invited himself back to mine. And oh-my-fucking-god if he's that good in the confines of a tent, just imagine what it'll be like with a bit of space and Barry White blasting from the stereo....


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