Wednesday, June 08, 2005

More Dark Days in Hell

Shortly before my encounter with the deformed penis guy, I developed a bit of a crush on a lad I worked with. I don't know why really, he was hardly love's young dream. He wore sandals into the office, weighed probably less than me (and I'm only 9 stone) and his hair, well, can only really be described as a mullet. What can I say, he was very charismatic... I'd been (un)reliably informed by the chick who sat next to him that he perhaps rather liked me, so when I got sacked I gave him my phone number, and my email. And I never heard from him again.


(9 stone is 125 pounds for the Americans, and for the 95% of the world who have gone metric, about 57 kilos. Fairly skinny is what I'm trying to say...)


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