Thursday, June 30, 2005

Duane Dibley

It was on a long hot sticky bus journey in the far, far north-west of Thailand. I was the only other westerner on the bus so Duane came and sat beside me (kind of out of kilter with backpacker etiquette this really). But the 6 hours flew by in a flurry of chatting and perving at his incredibly sexy legs. And as every good spinster know, if a man has decent legs, it's a very good promise of a hot body...

After a couple of weeks together we went our separate ways, stayed in touch on email, and hooked up again a while later.

But in the intervening couple of months, he had managed to turn into a complete twat. He was hanging around with a load of galloping fuckwits, and as he seemed to prefer their company to mine, I took to spending more and more time with Fuckface....(OK, we know how that turned out, but no matter)

Anyhow here's what I learnt from Duane:
  • New York City natives really do talk like people off of Seinfeld
  • Men behave very differently with their mates than when they are with a laydee. (Yes, I did know this already, but Christ Almighty I have never seen such a spectacular transformation)
  • The Israeli side of the middle east argument (not convinced. At all)
  • Jewish guys are very reluctant to have sex with a girl who is having her period
  • But they can be persuaded...


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