Monday, May 16, 2005

The next 10 years

It was my thirtieth birthday on Friday, and I've just figured out that in the past ten years I have 'gone out' with about 20 men. Aside from The Ex, they have lasted from, er, one night, to a mammoth four months. But if I keep going at that rate, just think of all the lovely men I'm going to meet in the next 10 years.

In "Come Together" (trashy chick-lit book) there's a formula which goes something like this:

Take your current age, minus your age when you lost your virginity, then minus the number of years you were in serious relationships - then divide your number of conquests by this figure. Mine is 2.22 at the minute - I must be slipping up cos it hovered at around three for several years. Time for action...


  • Hmm ... my 'number' is seriously depressing. Obviously I need to get out more. 2.22 is looking real good.

    By Blogger TastesLikeHamster, at 11:14 AM  

  • Well, the formula just figures out how many shag-pieces you get through in an average year (while you aren't attached). I've already had one (disaster) this year - that just leaves me ONE for the rest of the year...

    By Blogger Spinsterella, at 3:57 PM  

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