Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Making Hay

I've just gotten back from spending the weekend at the very fabulous Hay festival. As well as having a fantastic time, there were also some top perving opportunities for a young filly like me (especially given that at least 90% of ladies there were over 90)

Top of the list was Mark Leonard, dark, stubbley and very sexy, oh and dead brainy and articulate and very important and I blindly agree with everything he has to say. Yes Mark, Europe will run the 21st Century. Er, and are you single?

Rich Hall, who snuck in while I was watching Marcus Brigstock and stood right beside me! Oh, there was a lot of sub-conscious hair-tossing and general preening. But he didn't laugh at all, grumpy bastard.

Virtually all photographers. What is it - do you have to be a bit of a fox to wield a big lens in public?


  • Hello, greatly enjoyed the beginning of this blog, I hope it goes on. I'm not a "professional spinster", YET being the operative word :)
    Anyway, I lurk just around the corner! Drop by, do.

    By Blogger eM, at 1:28 PM  

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